Funny Japanese-Inspired Photo Booths


Event organizers in the present have been employing different themes and settings for their photo booths. In Melbourne, Australia you will often find photo booths that look remotely different from each other. There are indeed plenty of ideas to choose from when designing your booths and a Japanese-inspired photo booth is one of them. Let us why a Japanese theme is a great photo booth setting as well as how you can replicate their look and feel.

A huge number people all over the world are fascinated by the unique culture of Japan. From fashion, video games and other related media, Japan is truly one of a kind receiving its fair share of the spotlight over the years. A Japanese-inspired photo booth is something that you will not be finding regularly which further helps increase their allure. With that being said, in order for the design to work you will need to borrow a number of unique elements from the country and integrate them to your respective photo booths.


Geishas are considered to be one of the easily recognizable icons in Japan and you can use this as an inspiration during the creation of your photo booth theme and design. Acquire some wigs to match their hairstyle and don’t forget the hair clips which helps keep them in place. Another iconic set piece is the paper fan which a geisha carries. For your male guests, you can add some male kimonos for them to wear. Don’t forget the sash as this will be the one in charge of holding the kimono in place.

Aside from the props, you will also want to consider making the necessary changes for your backdrops and background. For instance, you can add some artificial bamboos or cherry blossom branch for added effect. Outfitting your background with Shōji, a traditional a door, window or room divider which consists of translucent paper over a frame of wood will help give off that authentic Japanese feel. Add some Japanese lantern and you are all set and ready to go.

A Japanese-inspired photo booth is indeed quite a promising endeavor. However, in order to make them truly a success you will need to work hand in hand with your photo booth rental company of choice. Discuss with the service provider of photo booth Melbourne of your plans in the creation of one. These individuals are more than happy to exchange ideas with their clients.

Taking the Best Shots at a Photo Booth

People love photo booths because of the out of this world and wacky pictures they are able to produce. This in turn makes them endearing to a huge number of individuals. For that matter, guests make the sure to take the necessary measures in order to get great pictures to remember by. Let us look at some tips on how to take the best shots at a photo booth.

If you are using a photo booth that is supervised and has an operator, asking for their input on how to take the best shots is always beneficial. These individuals cover photo booth events on regular basis making their knowledge and experience invaluable to their clients. For that matter, don’t hesitate to ask them about your photo booth shots. They will be able to share their ideas which can help improve the overall quality of your shots.

It should be noted that there are guidelines that needs to be followed during your use of a photo booth. It may be wise to follow these guidelines as they also help people take the best shots. For instance, there may be a limit on how many person a photo booth will be able to service per session. It is best that you follow this rule to avoid overcrowding the booth. Giving photo booths space will also allow you to create different poses without feeling too cramped in the process.


The best shots does not only rely on the users. Photo booth companies, like http://wwwraleighphotobooth, also play an important role in helping their users achieve great pictures. This is the reason why event organizers will need to look for competent and professional photo booth companies that will be able to provide them with their preference and needs. Don’t skimp on quality of your pictures as well as the booth equipment itself. The same can also be said with regards to the props that you are using. This in turn helps give your users the freedom to take unique pictures in a convenient manner.

We’ve mentioned a few tips on how to take the best shots at a photo booth. Consider the tips listed below and dont forget to get in touch with a booth company in advance for reservations. Doing so will give you a fair amount of time and convenience to prepare for your upcoming party or event.

All about Decorative Yet Practical Dinnerware


It should be noted that dinnerware need not to be overly expensive for them to look great. Creativity plays a very important role in choosing dinnerware allowing buyers to get some great designs without spending a fortune. Let us look at how you can achieve the preference and taste that you are going for through practical dinnerware.


Theme and Setting is Important

A common misconception many people have is that if they purchase an expensive dinnerware set they are all, everything from design perspective and theme will follow. This however, is not entirely true. Customers need to take into consideration the theme and setting that they want to achieve with their dinnerware. This in turn makes your items show a bit more consistency while at the same time is practical.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match


As mentioned earlier, creativity is integral when planning on using your dinnerware as decorations. For that matter, you may not want to limit yourself solely with a particular type of dinnerware but instead try to mix and match some design with the others including sp. With that being said, as stated above, it is important that you find a good measure of balance when mixing and matching dinnerware especially since you don’t want to confuse your guests. Some people were able to find success by mixing and matching same dinnerware item but with different colors. This minor but visible difference will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve the design that you are looking for.


The Advantage of Practical Dinnerware


Practical dinnerware offers quite a number of benefits to their users and one of them is with regards to their cost. Practical dinnerware is known to be fairly cheaper when compared to formal ones you see in stores. This in turn makes them perfect for everyday use and owners will not have that much of a problem replacing right away. You can also stock and resupply these types of items at any given time when the need calls for you to do so.

People should not take practical dinnerware lightly or for granted especially since many were able find success with them. The cost of a dinnerware item should never be the only factor that you need to consider when you want to decorate your kitchen and your table. Consider the tips mentioned above to help get your started with your search for practical dinnerware.

Guide to Drawing the Best Furries


The furry fandom is known to make creative artwork and illustrations as a way to express their love and admiration of the fandom and spread it to the public. You will not indeed be finding any shortage of furry art in the present especially with help of the internet. This in turn made it possible for just about anyone to share their furry drawings to the world. Drawing furries can be quite a challenge especially for newcomers who are not that proficient to the craft yet. Let us look at some pointers to help guide you in drawing the best furries.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of references you can find online with regards to furry creations, like fox tail butt plugs. If you are a newbie, don’t hesitate to study some of the styles of popular artists who draw furry art on a regular basis. In fact, even some experienced professionals often look at the works of other artists in order to get some motivation. This is indeed a pretty common practice in the present.

Some artists offer tutorials with their works and this can be a great introductory piece for newcomers to help hone their craft. Some artists offer free help while others charge a fee to view their online tutorials. The paid one of course, offers a more extensive help to their viewers.


If you don’t fancy viewing online tutorials, another great method of learning how to draw the best furries is by talking to artists in furry conventions. Conventions such as these offer a great amount of opportunity for newcomers to meet and great famous artists that draw furries. Aside from getting their autograph and buying a few of their artworks, you can also ask them some questions on how to help you draw furries at your bests. Aside from that, there may also be panel dedicate to furry art and attending these can help give you to some extent an overview on how to design them.

Last but definitely not the least is to talk to fellow furry fans and ask if they draw furries and if it is okay for them to give you some pointers. Aside from getting information, this is also a good opportunity to meet new friends along the way.

The best furry drawings are subjective especially since not everyone has the same taste and preference about art. With that being said, the tips mentioned in this article can help get you started in drawing them.

Slate Cheese Boards and Your Tailgate Party


Tailgate parties have been growing in popularity for a good reason. These type of parties take advantage of the environment which provides a good amount of atmosphere to attendees. There are plenty of exciting and wonderful attractions you can choose as long as you have permission to start one. Since tailgate parties works outdoors, it is important for people preparing for them to make the necessary changes in order to suit the setting and theme. Let us look at what role slate cheese boards play with your tailgate parties.

Tailgate parties are not considered to be a fine dining experience as people often tend to choose a much cheaper dinnerware. Plastic and melamine are popular choices because they are lightweight in nature and is also relatively easy to replace making them hassle free to carry around during trips. Even though the dining experience is not as grand as the ones you see in restaurants, you can however add a touch of style and sophistication with your tailgate parties by adding a few little changes on how to prepare your snacks. Adding a medium sized slateplate slate cheese board into the mix can help breathe new life with your parties making them more endearing to look at.


Great for Outdoors


Cheese boards are compact while at the same time is also relatively sturdy and durable. Even though they are designed with home and kitchen use in mind, their overall structure and composition makes them great for outdoor use. Owners have little to no issue with their slate cheese boards falling on the floor as they tend to survive the fall. Since they are fairly lightweight, you can carry around a number of slate cheese boards at the back of your car.

It should be noted that cheese are not the only food items you can find in cheese boards. Over time, more and more food selections have been integrated with these boards. You will even find grilled meat that goes well with sandwiches. Add toppings such as salsa, chili cream and the likes to add that extra kick with your snacks.

Cheese boards does indeed offer plenty of wonderful and exciting opportunities on how to prepare your tailgate parties. These type of parties take time so it is best that you prepare for them in advance to get the most out of them. Stock up on a few cheese boards especially if you are expecting to accommodate large guests.

Personalized Gift Bags for Holiday Cookies: Best Ideas for Making and Decorating Paper Bags

Holiday gifts are from the heart. They don’t have to be expensive, store bought, or damaging to 
mother earth. Creating eco friendly gift wrap is easy, fun and contributes to a more sustainable 
living Holiday celebration. 
Gift Wrapping Supplies 
Collect a cache of eco friendly gift wrapping supplies for decorating cookie gift bags. 
Paper kraft bags in various sizes 
Raffia or Hemp twine 
Recycled card stock 
Acrylic paints 
Small dishes 
Tissue paper or fabric remnants 
Wax paper or reusable plastic ziploc bags 
Hole punch and scissors. 
Its easy to create personalized and themed gift bags that match the gift recipient and the type of 
gift placed in the bag. 
Make Paper Gift Bags: Christmas Gingerbread Men 
Instead of a store-bought gingerbread man stamp, consider making extra cookies (or better yet, 
cookies out of salt dough) to use as stamps. 
1.Make a batch of the best gingerbread men and women     cookies to give as home made 
Christmas gifts. 
2.Use pine green, bright red, and gold acrylic paints.     Acrylic paints are water-based and 
usually non-toxic, but always check the     label. 
3.Pour some paint onto small plastic dishes. Paper plates     and styrofoam meat trays also 
4.Either dip stamps in paint or brush paint onto stamps     with a paintbrush. 
5.Decorate gift bag on one side with red, green, and gold     gingerbread men. 
6.Let dry, then decorate the other side. 
7.Place cookies in a ziploc bag. Or, instead of plastic,     consider wrapping cookies in wax 
8.Place wrapped cookies in decorated gift bag. Cover with     tissue paper or green and red 
fabric remnants. 
9.Tie the handles with a big raffia bow. 
10.For a nice touch, tie a gingerbread man cookie cutter     to the handles with more raffia. 
11.Attach gift tag (see below). 
Make Paper Gift Bags: Hanuka Cookies 
Start with Hanuka themed cookie cutters, such as dreidel, six point star, and menorah or candle 
1.Make a batch of favorite cookies to bring to friends     during Hanuka. 
2.Use either store bought Hanuka stamps, or make a few     salt dough cookies to use as 
3.Pour royal blue and white acrylic paints onto paint     trays. 
4.Dip stamps in paint or paint them with paintbrushes. 
5.Decorate one side of bag with blue and white Hanuka     shapes. 
6.When dry, take silver paint and paint the Hebrew     letters (shin, nun, gimel or hay) on 
the dreidel shapes. 
7.When dry, repeat steps 3 to 6 on the other side. 
8.Place cookies in a ziploc bag. Or, instead of plastic,     consider wrapping cookies in wax paper. 
9.Place wrapped cookies in decorated gift bag. Cover with     tissue paper or blue fabric 
10.Tie the handles with a big raffia bow. 
11.For a nice touch, tie a Hanuka cookie cutter to the     handles with more raffia. 
12.Attach gift tag (see below). 
Make Gift Tags 
1.Cut gift tags out of recycled card stock. 
2.Using colorful markers, crayons, or paints, write     “To: Name” and “From: Name” on 
gift tag. 
3.Add any other message if desired. 
4.Punch hole in corner of gift tag. 
5.Tie to bag with raffia. 

JR Gowling launches new series of fantasy books.

And also starts a comic strip for the same in New York Times

London, LDN – June 11, 2017

JR Gowling, the famous author of the fantasy book series Garry Dotter, is launching a new series of fantasy books by the name of ‘Shocking Adventures of Silas Mulock’. The news was released by her PR agent Kurdoch Ivan this morning to the media via a press conference. The same information was posted to all her social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“The series ‘Shocking Adventures of Silas Mulock’ is about a young boy who was separated from his parents at birth due to a grave tragedy and grew up in an orphanage. Unknown to the boy, his parents were the king and queen of the magical land of Andalusia where they were now held captive by the wizard who defeated them when Silas was born. Silas comes of age at eighteen and accidentally returns to Andalusia to fix things.” explained Ms. Gowling’s publicist.

The news came only a week after JR Gowling announced her recent nuptials to the famous author of the Psychological thrillers ‘Inside the Criminal Mind’ in the English Daily British Times. “My readers wanted to know if marriage was going to deter my writing and delay my much awaited next book. I simply wanted to let them know that it wouldn’t”, said Gowling in an interview.

The first book launches next month, and the publishers and bookstores are already overflowing with pre-bookings for the first copy. “We have been officially assured one million copies, but the considering seven hundred thousand copies have already been pre-booked, we are going to need more”, said the owner of Barnes and Nobles in an interview.

JR Gowling first shot to fame with her Garry Dotter book series. It had been exceptionally hard for Gowling to get published as a female author. Hence she shortened her name from Jenna Roberta Gowling to JR Gowling. Her’s were a path-breaking set of fantasy books. The story of a young wizard who returns to his people to fix the magical world. “Those were the first set of books in this genre. Hence they were met with a lot of controversy and resistance. Piles of my books were burnt as a part of a witch hunt when they first came out. But since then the audience has evolved and so has my writing. They are an all-time bestselling series today. Change always comes at a price.”

About J R Gowling

Born Jenna Roberta Gowling, she is the youngest of nine children. Her father was an English professor at Kings College London and mother a well-known seamstress. Jenna first developed an interest in literature when she read Alice in Wonderland. “It inspired me to become a writer”, she says. Today she lives in Scotland with her husband, Jim Danny.