JR Gowling launches new series of fantasy books.

And also starts a comic strip for the same in New York Times

London, LDN – June 11, 2017

JR Gowling, the famous author of the fantasy book series Garry Dotter, is launching a new series of fantasy books by the name of ‘Shocking Adventures of Silas Mulock’. The news was released by her PR agent Kurdoch Ivan this morning to the media via a press conference. The same information was posted to all her social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“The series ‘Shocking Adventures of Silas Mulock’ is about a young boy who was separated from his parents at birth due to a grave tragedy and grew up in an orphanage. Unknown to the boy, his parents were the king and queen of the magical land of Andalusia where they were now held captive by the wizard who defeated them when Silas was born. Silas comes of age at eighteen and accidentally returns to Andalusia to fix things.” explained Ms. Gowling’s publicist.

The news came only a week after JR Gowling announced her recent nuptials to the famous author of the Psychological thrillers ‘Inside the Criminal Mind’ in the English Daily British Times. “My readers wanted to know if marriage was going to deter my writing and delay my much awaited next book. I simply wanted to let them know that it wouldn’t”, said Gowling in an interview.

The first book launches next month, and the publishers and bookstores are already overflowing with pre-bookings for the first copy. “We have been officially assured one million copies, but the considering seven hundred thousand copies have already been pre-booked, we are going to need more”, said the owner of Barnes and Nobles in an interview.

JR Gowling first shot to fame with her Garry Dotter book series. It had been exceptionally hard for Gowling to get published as a female author. Hence she shortened her name from Jenna Roberta Gowling to JR Gowling. Her’s were a path-breaking set of fantasy books. The story of a young wizard who returns to his people to fix the magical world. “Those were the first set of books in this genre. Hence they were met with a lot of controversy and resistance. Piles of my books were burnt as a part of a witch hunt when they first came out. But since then the audience has evolved and so has my writing. They are an all-time bestselling series today. Change always comes at a price.”

About J R Gowling

Born Jenna Roberta Gowling, she is the youngest of nine children. Her father was an English professor at Kings College London and mother a well-known seamstress. Jenna first developed an interest in literature when she read Alice in Wonderland. “It inspired me to become a writer”, she says. Today she lives in Scotland with her husband, Jim Danny.