Funny Japanese-Inspired Photo Booths


Event organizers in the present have been employing different themes and settings for their photo booths. In Melbourne, Australia you will often find photo booths that look remotely different from each other. There are indeed plenty of ideas to choose from when designing your booths and a Japanese-inspired photo booth is one of them. Let us why a Japanese theme is a great photo booth setting as well as how you can replicate their look and feel.

A huge number people all over the world are fascinated by the unique culture of Japan. From fashion, video games and other related media, Japan is truly one of a kind receiving its fair share of the spotlight over the years. A Japanese-inspired photo booth is something that you will not be finding regularly which further helps increase their allure. With that being said, in order for the design to work you will need to borrow a number of unique elements from the country and integrate them to your respective photo booths.


Geishas are considered to be one of the easily recognizable icons in Japan and you can use this as an inspiration during the creation of your photo booth theme and design. Acquire some wigs to match their hairstyle and don’t forget the hair clips which helps keep them in place. Another iconic set piece is the paper fan which a geisha carries. For your male guests, you can add some male kimonos for them to wear. Don’t forget the sash as this will be the one in charge of holding the kimono in place.

Aside from the props, you will also want to consider making the necessary changes for your backdrops and background. For instance, you can add some artificial bamboos or cherry blossom branch for added effect. Outfitting your background with Shōji, a traditional a door, window or room divider which consists of translucent paper over a frame of wood will help give off that authentic Japanese feel. Add some Japanese lantern and you are all set and ready to go.

A Japanese-inspired photo booth is indeed quite a promising endeavor. However, in order to make them truly a success you will need to work hand in hand with your photo booth rental company of choice. Discuss with the service provider of photo booth Melbourne of your plans in the creation of one. These individuals are more than happy to exchange ideas with their clients.