Guide to Drawing the Best Furries


The furry fandom is known to make creative artwork and illustrations as a way to express their love and admiration of the fandom and spread it to the public. You will not indeed be finding any shortage of furry art in the present especially with help of the internet. This in turn made it possible for just about anyone to share their furry drawings to the world. Drawing furries can be quite a challenge especially for newcomers who are not that proficient to the craft yet. Let us look at some pointers to help guide you in drawing the best furries.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of references you can find online with regards to furry creations, like fox tail butt plugs. If you are a newbie, don’t hesitate to study some of the styles of popular artists who draw furry art on a regular basis. In fact, even some experienced professionals often look at the works of other artists in order to get some motivation. This is indeed a pretty common practice in the present.

Some artists offer tutorials with their works and this can be a great introductory piece for newcomers to help hone their craft. Some artists offer free help while others charge a fee to view their online tutorials. The paid one of course, offers a more extensive help to their viewers.


If you don’t fancy viewing online tutorials, another great method of learning how to draw the best furries is by talking to artists in furry conventions. Conventions such as these offer a great amount of opportunity for newcomers to meet and great famous artists that draw furries. Aside from getting their autograph and buying a few of their artworks, you can also ask them some questions on how to help you draw furries at your bests. Aside from that, there may also be panel dedicate to furry art and attending these can help give you to some extent an overview on how to design them.

Last but definitely not the least is to talk to fellow furry fans and ask if they draw furries and if it is okay for them to give you some pointers. Aside from getting information, this is also a good opportunity to meet new friends along the way.

The best furry drawings are subjective especially since not everyone has the same taste and preference about art. With that being said, the tips mentioned in this article can help get you started in drawing them.