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Month: January 2019

Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries in Children

The start of the school year also is the start of the sports season for most school age children. Tuition costs and the cost for supplies, clothes, food, and gas may have parents short on cash when it comes to…

How to Select a Healthy Sports Drink

The human body greatly benefits from sports drinks. It prevents dehydration and also helps in compensating for all the energy that our body losses through perspiration while exercising. Sports energy drinks give instant and long lasting energy to the body….

6 Reasons Kids Quit Sports

Writing a post about how kids shouldn’t specialize in a particular sport when they’re too young may seem a bit disingenuous for me. After all, as a college coach, I directly benefit from our culture’s obsession with organized youth sports….

Sports Photography – Capturing the Money Shot

Success in sports photography depends for the most part on knowing ahead of time how the action will play out. It is very rarely an accident that the professional sports photographer has his or her camera pointing in the right…

The Basics of Sports Medicine

The area of sports medicine involves a specialization in sports related injuries which occur through exercise and sports related activities. A typical practice will generally be comprised of a combination of medical doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and massage therapists….

Racing Tips and Free Bets For Horse Racing

Getting a free tip on a horse race is one of life’s little pleasures but let’s face it, good ones don’t come along very often. The same is true of a free bet. There are ways, however, to get both….

The History Of Betting On Horse Racing In The UK

From as far back as the 12th century there has been horse racing taking place in the United Kingdom. It was not until the early 18th century, however, that the races began to feature more than a couple of horses…

Simple Tips to Improve Your Horse Racing Results

It’s not always that only winning is profitable. As far as horse racing is concerned, one can easily increase his or her profits by betting on a horse that has got highest odds of losing a race. This type of…

Horse Racing Tips – Five Betting Myths To Do Away With

The Secret A profitable betting system based on practical horse racing tips results from good research matched with the willpower to follow the rules ascribed by the system. If bookmakers have to make sure that all races have been bet,…

How To Win Trifectas At The Horse Races And Make Money At The Track

There are few thrills in life equal to hitting a big trifecta at the horse races, but winning money at the track is no easy task. Horse races are not easy to handicap and everybody would like to know how…