Essential Tips to Purchasing a Golf Bag

Are you just starting out playing golf and looking for the perfect golf bag?

Or a professional looking around for an upgrade?

The golf bag is an essential part of your golf equipment even though it does not get as much focus as the golf clubs. A good golf bag is considered as a must and will give you something less to worry about. If you have an old bag which you struggling to carry or always falling off you trolley, this can take you mind of playing great shots.

When you are just starting as a beginner, then a decent golf bag is a must. There are some key points you should know before you head down to your local golf shop. There are two types of golf bags, carry bags and cart bags. You need to know the difference in advance.

The carry bags are needed when there is a lot of walking to be done, this will be in most cases when playing golf. The cart bags should be used when walking is not allowed and you can only travel out on the course in a golf cart or buggy.

┬áThe beginners’ choice should always be the carry bag to start off with, as you will most likely be always walking round the course. In the future if you play more and improve your game then the purchase of a cart bag would be required.

Most beginners to the game will probably be asking, “Why do I need a golf bag? I only have 4 clubs in my set.” Well the golf bag has a functional use on the course, the bag will not only carry your golf clubs it also holds any other golf equipment you will require during your round, like golf balls, tees and even refreshments.

When you go out and purchase your golf bag you need to ensure it is a comfortable one to carry. Make sure while in the shop check the straps to make sure it fits comfortably and can be carried around easily. Remember as we said before an easy to carry golf bag will keep you relaxed while walking between your shots, so the only thing on your mind will be hitting the ball.

Make sure you do not succumb to purchasing a low quality bag, as you will likely not find this one comfortable and may end up have to buy another bag in the next few months. As you will see in the golf shop there will be different sizes of bags, make sure you purchase one which will easily carry all you clubs. Most of the bigger sized bags will hold 15 clubs, which is ideal as the most you can take out in a round is 14.

Check the weight of the bag when purchasing, this is key to know as you do not want to be causing strain on your shoulders and arms. There are a number of golf bags which are very light to hold but also very strong, enough to hold all of your clubs and keep them protected. Depending on what climate you play golf in, the water resistant bags can be purchased, this will ensure protection to your clubs from the rain.

The newer golf bags now have dividers, which will allow you to separate your golf clubs apart, to purchase these golf bags will be dependent on the amount of clubs in your set. Only get these bags if you have over 9 clubs as they will make the bag heavier.

Also keep in mind when purchasing your golf bag, the lighter it is, the more comfortable you will be. Which as you will learn is a must when you are playing golf.

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