Horse Racing Tips – Five Betting Myths To Do Away With

The Secret

A profitable betting system based on practical horse racing tips results from good research matched with the willpower to follow the rules ascribed by the system. If bookmakers have to make sure that all races have been bet, you, as a bettor, are not obliged to put your money on all races.

If you take this caution, there will be periods when you won’t be reaching for your bankroll and this takes real strength of will. However, patience is also a profitable virtue when it comes to betting.

The Five Myths

On or off the racetracks, myths have grown overnight and the gullible have swallowed it up hook, line, and sinker. There are several horse racing tips that have to examined closely.

* A winning horse will always perform well on any race track. This is absurd considering that horses, like people, become used to certain environments and have adjusted to the variables in a specific race. Pundits will evaluate the horse’s performance on all types of races the horse has ran to come up with an accurate picture of the horses capability on specific turfs.

* A horse making a comeback always has the edge. Not always. If the horse has been away from the races for three months, there’s a fat chance the cretin will not give a stellar performance. Check out the horse’s workout while away from the races. You have to know the how the horse performed in his last race. The horse must have run a month ago or 28 days, at the very least.

* A winning horse in a current race will give you the jackpot the following day, even if he runs on a longer distance but on the same racetrack. Ask any pundit – they may give him a chance, but the wise will look elsewhere.

* A horse will always have the same performance with different numbers of competitors. When there is more competition from the previous race, expect a drop in performance. Horses become skittish when there are more runners in the current race. It is also difficult to predict which horse will make it to the finish line when there are more contenders.

* Any ground will do for a champion horse. You should be wary of this one thing. The kind of ground also contributes to the horse’s running form. If in the previous race in another course the horse won, check out the condition of the ground in the new course.

These horse racing tips have debunked the mistaken notions of your usual bettors who bet on the simple betting system of backing up the favorites. Horse racing tips are a dime a dozen. Depending on what you are after, you can get premium tips and free horse racing tips.

Bettors know their horse racing tips and what to watch out for. These tips help them narrow down their choices. It pays to know the tips that work and the ones that don’t. You’ll be learning as you go along.

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