What Do You Think About Soccer?

Growing up in the country that soccer is a dominated sport, I can say that soccer is a part of my life. I cannot even remember the first time I play soccer, because I was way too young. But one thing that I knew since I was young, I enjoy playing it as well as watching the game on TV, both national team and teams from European leagues.

When you watch the game, especially when the team that you love play against the rival team. The mixed feeling during the game cannot express in words. To play soccer, it’s not only requires a player’s skill, but also tactics from player and manager as well. It’s a sport that teamwork plays a major role to success.

Yet, soccer makes you believe in miracle. A miracle, sometimes, comes when your beloved team has one goal behind the opponent and suddenly came back with two goals in the last few minutes and gains a victory. The feeling of come-back victory against the rival team is incredible!

In contrast, some people may find its kind of bore during the game when two teams cannot score any goal. However, when the game is intense even there is no goal has been scored, but your heart is pounding every single minute when your team is in the control of the ball and take it to the opponent’s zone, because any moment can be a goal.

 Also, soccer is a kind of sport that can bind nations together, because it is the sport that is being played around the world. That’s it, the fascination about soccer; anyone can play it, no expensive apparels or equipment’s required and it can be played at any level of society. It’s the sport that brings people in harmony, soccer rule!

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