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What are skateboard bearings?

Skateboard bearings are been sell together in a group of eight and two bearings are needed by all the wheels. So when looking for skateboard, it advisable to check all the available dealers of skateboard bearings to get the personal desire of skateboard.

Rating Of ABEC 

An ABEC is the best tool in rating the bearing measure, the level of rating of ABEC serve as an additional precise and perfect for the bearing. The grade of the rating is 1,3,5,7, and 9. This rating is not so important like other factors which include load handling capabilities, materials, hardness Rockwell, ball exactness raceway polishing, ball degree, vibration, stuff, and noise.

Composition Of Skateboard Bearings

Seeing skateboard bearing as been easy that is true but when it comes to been complicated, the skateboard can be tag as unbelievable difficult. Starting from maintenance that is when to see how complicated skateboard is because of the process of splitting them open and at the same time study the inside. The skateboard bearing made of seven components part which are:

C-ring:- This is thin rings that are joined together to form the bearing groove surface which helps in looking up of the shield area.

Bearing Shield:- This is a medium-sized ring located on the bearing face, this help in protecting bearing balls from magnetism dust.

Outer ring:- This is in a metal exterior in the form of a circle which elements fit into.

Inner Ring- This is a metal ring, very small that fits inside the outer ring. The axles are matched through when the bearing slide is set up in the axles.

Steel balls:- This is the six or sometimes seven sets of ceramic or steel balls are rested in the ball retainer S. These balls form an important part of bearing, as a result, the roles they play because they are whirl by bearing case.

Ball Retainer:- This ball retainer help the ball bearing to hold each other in place and at the same time, the spin case is allowed.

Rubber seal:- This is the rubber ring found in the bearing surface, this soft rubber assists in guiding the bearing interior from dirt and detritus.

The best time to experience the best of skateboard bearing is when all the components are in good condition and operating well. It is good to always clean the bearing every time in order to prevent dust from accumulating on the ball which can affect the skateboard performance. 


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