The Function of Hockey Gloves

Hockey players from every skill level need the same basic equipment for protection and they need equipment that can help improve rather than impede their play. Each of the goalies that work to defend the net from flying pucks wears gloves that offer protection. Goalies also use them to catch or block pucks that come to the net.

They are made of materials that can withstand the abuse incurred during strenuous play. The gloves themselves are made of a combination of materials including leather, fabric, and vinyl.

Each manufacturer of hockey gloves has unique designs to meet the needs of the players using them. Basic gloves have padding on the outsides of the hands in order to fully protect the hands from hard hits.

Other aspects of the designs include variations on different grip designs used on the palms. These grip designs allow the player to grip the stick during the game. Though they are padded, they are lighter for ease of use.

¬†They are made for the purpose of each player on the team. The gloves worn by goals differ from what are worn by players on the ice. Because they are a functional part of the player’s uniform, they have to be made to withstand the rigors of their function.

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